About Comprehensive

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania in 1997. It developed outpatient wound programs on the East Coast but then quickly expanded across the Midwest to the West Coast. Comprehensive’s headquarters are now located in Tacoma, WA. Comprehensive employs a strong team of specialists in wound care, hyperbaric medicine, reimbursement and community education that serve its nationwide clients. Whether Comprehensive provides consultation or management services you can rely on support that is being offered with integrity and candor.

We are on your side and want you to succeed!

Our services include:

Clinical Operations Support:

We bring you all the necessary policies and procedures consistent with JCAHO and UHMS guidelines for wound care and HBO, orientation of new staff, a CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) program using outcomes calculated from data collected in our Electronic Medical Record and preparation for national exams and national surveys including UHMS accreditation for HBO. We teach the use of clinical practice guidelines that are based on evidenced based medicine and reinforce outcome based care. Our clients consistently achieve a 95-99% healing rate and exceed the national healing rate by 20 healing days! Our HBO program is set up to exceed UHMS and NFPA safety standards and pass the accreditation survey as soon as the facility is able to apply and passes our complimentary mock survey.

Reimbursement Support:

We bring a customized billing manual that is regularly updated as regulations change, a superbill for Physicians and the Facility, and help create a wound care/HBO charge master. Regular audits will keep the error rate down as we train clinicians in understanding the ins and outs of reimbursement. Our Electronic Medical Record improves physician documentation and prevents billing errors.

Community Education Support:

Your program can’t grow if you don’t tell anyone about it. Comprehensive helps you reach out to the community and teach them about the benefits of a coordinated program. A consistent community education program has demonstrated it is possible to grow your clinic by 20%.

Karin Roemers-Kleven, RN, CWS, FACCWS