Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions attends the 2018 Symposium of Advanced Wound Care

2108 Symposium of Advanced Wound Care

2108 Symposium of Advanced Wound Care

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions attended the Symposium of Advanced Wound Care also known as the SAWC!  The conference is developed by HMP in partnership with the Wound Healing Society and the Association for Advanced Wound Care. It brings the best of the best wound specialists together to share information, discuss new research, learn about novel technologies and network.  Science drives development and helps us offer comprehensive wound care services across the board from the Emergency Department, the OR, inpatient units, to outpatient department and tertiary care.

Wound care has come a long way as a specialty! It started with nurse or physical therapy driven clinics in the 1960’s through the 1980’s. Starting in 1998 Comprehensive developed a provider-based, outpatient program. What Comprehensive designs now is a full-fledged service line that helps reduce a hospital’s inpatient length of stay and re-admissions. The available technologies make it possible to heal complex patients with multiple co-morbidities.  The wound care teams Comprehensive develops today are armed with quite a few tools in their bucket! They learn how to assess and treat complex wounds applying clinical practice guidelines that are validated by the national wound societies. Good wound care should be comprehensive and include debridement, off-loading, compression, vascular assessment, infection management, nutrition and blood glucose optimization.

Dan Diamond Speaks at SAWC

Dan Diamond Speaks at SAWC


Once a team has embraced those concepts we apply outcome measures and benchmark their performance against other clinics to track the efficacy of their interventions.  The most gratifying part of our work is that when we inspire and teach teams to be their very best, they each go on to treat an average of 3,000 wounds per year. After having been in business for 20 years that is a lot of patients who have benefited from Comprehensive’s program design!  We love what we do!

Grow outpatient revenue

Hospitals are facing significant reimbursement cuts in 2017!  Executives are looking to grow their outpatient revenue while reducing expenses.  Adding an outpatient wound care program can benefit a hospital in different ways.  With Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions’ consulting services, we can help your hospital set-up an outpatient facility for a fraction of the cost of the price of the typical “turn key management” solution offered by other companies.

rs_hospitalWound and hyperbaric services offer much needed access to specialty care and prevent costly emergency visits.  Even in smaller communities there are hundreds of patients suffering from a wound that won’t heal. If  patients don’t have access to a wound care program with trained providers and advanced technologies, they may end up in the emergency room.  Once admitted they tend to stay more days than their DRG will cover.  An outpatient wound care service line can help move complex patients from inpatient to outpatient services where they benefit from advanced methodologies and expert care while living at home.

The  “turn key management” model recommended by traditional wound management companies is expensive and no longer sustainable in the face of outpatient reimbursement changes.  If hospitals can manage their ED, OR or ICU they can certainly manage their wound program.  That said, when growing outpatient revenue the hospital has to develop and optimize the right processes and workflows. Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions can help your hospital navigate around the pitfalls hidden within documenting care and appropriate billing, optimizing revenue cycle management, enhancing clinical outcomes, and growing your service and market share.

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions has proven that healing people does not need to come with a high price tag.  Our clients rank high among 800 hospitals with similar programs.  They are proud to be beating the national benchmark by 10-20 healing days!  We look forward to talking with you about how our services  may fit your needs!

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