Wound Care & Healing Program Consulting

Comprehensive creates interdisciplinary teams that will have the expertise to manage complex wounds based on evidenced based clinical practice guidelines. Our clients are healthcare systems as well as urban and rural hospitals. When teams practice aggressive wound care incorporating the latest technologies they accelerate healing outcomes and exceed the national benchmark by 20 healing days!

Patients with chronic ulcers often have multiple co-morbidities.  Hospitals manage those diseases and Comprehensive assists with the design of a system of care that:

  • Prevents re-admissions to the ED and hospital
  • Reduces the length of stay
  • Increases patient satisfaction and loyalty to the hospital network

What you can expect from Comprehensive:

  • Strategic planning and program design
  • Customized solutions
  • Speedy implementation
  • On-site and remote education that inspires growth and excellence
  • Policies and procedures that are regularly updated
  • Preparation for citation-free surveys
  • Access to a state of the art wound care specific EMR that lets you benchmark your wound care outcomes against 600+ facilities in the USA.
  • A comprehensive Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program
  • Regular on-site presence and frequent involvement

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