Comprehensive-Healthcare Solutions

Comparing Wound Center Companies

We believe that if a hospital is able to run its own ICU, ED or Surgery Department it can run its own wound program.

At Comprehensive we believe that if a hospital is able to run its own ICU, ED or Surgery Department it can run its own wound program. What is unique about a successful wound service is the training of the Physicians and staff, the on-going need for support, the technologies that are available to them and the growth of the service. You can contract with us as a turn-key management service or hire us to teach you everything you need to know to be successful.


Our most popular service models are our hybrid service and our consultation service. We give you options. At a time that Fee-For-Service is being replaced by Pay-For-Performance, who can afford to pay a company every time a patient is seen? Our clients like autonomy and remain in control of their own destiny.

Many hospitals that are currently in a traditional wound management contract are searching for alternatives to the costly turn-key model. Comprehensive has experience transitioning clients to a more autonomous arrangement where the income is not gobbled up by high management fees.

Wound Care Training and Support

We encourage our clients to integrate inpatient and outpatient wound care to reduce LOS and prevent re-admissions. We teach advanced wound care principles and provide all the support to help a team become efficient and specialized in a short period of time. We help you with the schematic design of the space, the project time line and the supply/equipment resources needed. We come on site to help you create efficient and cost effective care that is properly billed and reimbursed from the day you open.

So what is left? Community education! The bane of the turn-key management service is that the program manager (often a business person) is sent out to teach Physicians in the community about the benefits of sending their patients to the outpatient wound care service. Why pay all that money when you can replicate that part of the service implementation with your own staff? Comprehensive has your back. We can teach your personnel! We have been in the trenches and done that work. We have taught community educators and helped grow new clinics to become thriving centers of excellence.