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Over 17 years helping hospitals install, operate, and grow the wound care service line

Millions of wounds have healed as a result of Comprehensive’s involvement in hospital-based wound centers since 1998. The programs we developed accelerate healing by creating dedicated teams of wound care professionals that utilize evidence based clinical practice guidelines. It is all about having a comprehensive approach and being outcome focused! Our centers exceed the national benchmark by 20 healing days!


Proven record of the highest safety standards for Hyperbaric services

Comprehensive has a proven record of assisting clients to exceed safety standards. All our programs that applied for the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society’s accreditation survey passed with commendations.


Helping hospitals maintain a solid revenue stream through careful management

A review of thousands of charges, hundreds of codes resulting in endless hours of audits by Comprehensive have identified missed billing opportunities by well-meaning providers. Improving documentation can prevent thousands of dollars being lost unknowingly!


Run your program efficiently and effectively with proven training

Most wound and hyperbaric management companies want to run your program. Comprehensive has proven that there are other solutions and options. We specialize in developing treatment programs with a focus in these areas: Diabetic Foot Ulcers Grade 3 and above, Chronic Refractory Osteomyelitis, Compromised flaps and grafts, Delayed radiation injuries, Osteo Radionecrosis, and Soft tissue radio necrosis

Our Services

Wound Center Development

At Comprehensive we believe that if a hospital is able to run its own ICU, ED or Surgery Department it can run its own wound program. What is unique about a successful wound service is the training of the Physicians and staff, the on-going need for support, the technologies that are available to them and the growth of the service. You can contract with us as a turn-key management service or hire us to teach you everything you need to know to be successful.


Our hyperbaric programs have all passed the rigorous accreditation survey by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and received excellent commendations!


We all know that healthcare is changing!  But at Comprehensive we are ready to lead our clients through the maze of healthcare regulations, reimbursement rules and audits.  Revenue cycle management is made easy by our ability to perform regular chart reviews, billing and coding audits.  Comprehensive teaches providers how to document and bill correctly. 

Transition Services

As the healthcare system moves to value-based payments the typical “click-fee” arrangement of the turn key management model no longer works.


Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions assists and manages all aspects of UHMS accreditation surveys, including preparation. We strive to reduce the stress of UHMS surveys by educating the clients way in advance.


We encourage our clients to integrate inpatient and outpatient wound care to reduce LOS and prevent re-admissions. We teach advanced wound care principles and provide all the support to help a team become efficient and specialized in a short period of time. We help you with the schematic design of the space, the project time line and the supply/equipment resources needed. We come on site to help you create efficient and cost effective care that is properly billed and reimbursed from the day you open.

The Comprehensive team worked hard to guide us through 400+ survey probes and help us pass our UHMS survey. Our hyperbaric program is now the first and only accredited program in our region! We could not have done without their partnership!