Comprehensive-Healthcare Solutions

Create a successful wound program without the cost of turn-key management services

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions helps hospitals develop or enhance a successful wound care service line that:

1. Reduces Length of Stay of inpatients with a wound

2. Reduces re-admissions within 30 days

3. Creates continuity of care between inpatient and outpatient services

4. Heals complex patients faster

5. Prevents limb threatening amputations

6. Complies with regulations and billing practices


Comprehensive is your service line partner. We educate your team and inspire excellence.

Our service model is cost-effective and our comprehensive approach ensures success.

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Excellent consulting services produce excellent results


Over 20 years helping hospitals install, operate, and grow the wound care service line

Millions of wounds have healed as a result of Comprehensive’s involvement in hospital-based wound centers since 1998. The programs we developed accelerate healing by creating dedicated teams of wound care professionals that utilize evidence based clinical practice guidelines. It is all about having a comprehensive approach and being outcome focused! Our centers exceed the national benchmark by 20 healing days!


Learn to run your wound center efficiently and effectively with our guidance.

Comprehensive’s team has specialized in wound program consultation services to get teams the tools needed to manage the program independently still achieving high healing rates and increasing the return on investment. Comprehensive has proven that there are other solutions and options. We specialize in developing treatment programs with a focus in these areas: Diabetic Foot Ulcers Grade 3 and above, Chronic Refractory Osteomyelitis, Compromised flaps and grafts, Delayed radiation injuries, Osteo Radionecrosis, and Soft tissue radio necrosis


Proven record of the highest safety standards for Hyperbaric services

Comprehensive has a proven record of assisting clients to exceed safety standards. We set each hyperbaric facility up with the goal to become accredited by the Under Sea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. We help prepare for the survey and guide your team to adhere to strict safety standards. All clients who applied for the survey became accredited with special commendations.


Reimbursement Optimization with Integrity

Patient charts are regularly audited by our team followed by outcome focused training.  As a result, the error rate drops below Medicare’s threshold and denials are prevented.

The Comprehensive team worked hard to guide us through 400+ survey probes and help us pass our UHMS survey. Our hyperbaric program is now the first and only accredited program in our region! We could not have done without their partnership!