Comprehensive-Healthcare Solutions

Why Choose Us

We are Visionary, Collaborative, Outcome Driven, and Cost Effective



We understand the challenges that ACOs, healthcare systems and rural hospitals face. As your partner in wound healing and hyperbaric excellence we can lead you through the maze of revenue cycle management changes. We have developed innovative solutions to address changes in healthcare that can help you in positioning your wound clinic to thrive in the new environment and help prevent re-admissions and high cost ED visits.



Our executive consulting group consists of professionals who have dedicated their careers to the wound and hyperbaric field, each bringing 20-30 years of experience to the table. We partner with your team and strategize. We’ll teach your team everything they will need to know to provide quality wound and hyperbaric services.


OUTcome driven

We have proven that it does not take a turn-key management arrangement to create a center of excellence. Our clients exceed the average days-to-heal rate of discharged patients by 10-20 days when compared to 650 facilities in the USA.

Every wound management company claims to have their own EMR, but for the most part, we are all using the same wound care and hyperbaric specific software. With Pay-For-Performance coming to outpatient care soon we have to be data driven and have outcomes at our finger tips. We will guide your staff, participate in their quality meetings and educate them based on patterns we see in the data base thus improving overall outcomes.

We are proud of our association with the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. During our 10 year support of the Society’s mission to create a safe hyperbaric community we have encouraged our staff to be UHMS surveyors which has led to many hospitals becoming accredited. By the end of this year 70% of our hyperbaric programs will be accredited. Several payers have made attempts to require accreditation. We are ready for that challenge! We know how to get you there!

Cost Effective


Comprehensive is privately held. We are focused on our hospital clients and their teams – not on our investors or constant acquisitions, leadership and name changes. Comprehensive has operated under the same name for over 15 years. As a result, our pricing is a fraction of the cost of other wound management companies. Even if you want us to expense equipment we still are more cost effective because our contract terms are flexible and responsive to your needs.