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Ebola training: How to Properly Don and Doff a PPE


On October 31, 2014 the CDC released a video on how to properly don and dof PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for proper precautions treating patients with Ebola.  This brief training video can be vital in preventing further outbreak.

Video: How to properly don and doff a PPE

It’s not just about Ebola

We need to be prepared to treat patients with Ebola in our wound and hyperbaric centers even if it is very unlikely that we will be asked to do so since most of our centers serve outpatients only.  But what we learn from the Ebola crisis is hopefully helping us improve our methods of prevention for MRSA, C diff, Pseudomonas and VRE which are all serious healthcare acquired infections with far more people suffering with it and dying from each year.  See Comprehensive Healthcare’s training link titled “That is not in MY chamber!”

Arnie Klaus