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UHMS accreditation: one team at the time!


Comprehensive Healthcare prepares hyperbaric teams to go through the accreditation survey conducted by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).  Comprehensive congratulates this Chicago-area team on passing their survey with flying colors! The final report is due in December 2014.

They received very positive remarks from the surveyors including:

  1. The Program Director (a non-nurse) had invested in the 40 hour HBO training

  2. The entire wound care and HBO team was trained in the 40 hour course AND all hyperbaric staff attended the Safety Director course

  3. All hyperbaric staff members are certified by the NBDMT

  4. The Medical Director is Board Certified in Hyperbaric Medicine. He was available throughout the survey.

  5. They are a seamless team that clearly communicates well!

  6. The safety program was outstanding!

Great job everyone!

Arnie Klaus