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4 Ways To Enhance Wound Care Services During Hospital Acquisitions And System Expansions

  1. Use “First Principles” thinking - Change within an organization offers an opportunity to reevaluate cultures, practices, and strategies. First principles thinking is the practice of actively questioning every assumption you think you ‘know’ about a given problem and then creating new knowledge and solutions from scratch. Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions facilitates team discussions and teaches administrators, providers, and staff on how to create a clinically and financially successful wound care service line.

2. A Mission statement for a wound care service line brings all stakeholders together and helps dedicated teams have a strong vision and unity of purpose. A successful wound care service line relies on professionals from a variety of disciplines to promote best practices and advanced modalities to improve outcomes. Strategic planning is vital and creating a visual roadmap for all stakeholders lets them move forward to a common goal.

3. Communication during a big process change is vital.  Frequent strategic meetings, rounding with teams, holding people accountable for their part of the change are all important management techniques to move a group towards that common goal

4. Finally, you need metrics.  Metrics to tell you whether the changes you made improved care, patient satisfaction, efficiencies, and whether they increased income. In wound care the most common metric used is the “Heal Rate” of wounds.  But sadly the number (usually over 90%) is not a reliable indicator of quality or success. There are other ways to measure outcomes though that can guide clinical teams in a meaningful way to improve their practices.

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc partners with hospitals nationwide and offers consultation services to help them transition from turn-key agreements to “fly solo”.  If the hospital does not yet have a wound service Comprehensive can assist with the startup and create a successful service line that reduces the length of stay and re-admissions to the hospital while improving care across the continuum.