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Marketing Your Wound Center


We know from our database that at least 90% of all new admits to an outpatient wound center come from a referral by a Physician.  That data then begs the question: “How do you stay in front of Physicians and remind them of the services provided by their local wound and hyperbaric program?” 

How do you stay in front of physicians?

What Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc. has learned over the many years that we have developed centers around the USA is that there is no single approach that works.  Different communities and local cultures demand different approaches.  You can’t have a cookie cutter approach.  Effective marketing is based on relationship building and visibility. Beyond that you have to try different strategies and create a Marketing Action Plan that has lots of options to choose from and to deploy throughout each year.

All Physicians have busy practices and are inundated by sales reps.  The most important strategy for an outpatient wound center is to not be lumped in with the pharmaceutical reps.  We are different!  We provide a valuable service to each patient and help their primary care physician heal that wound faster.  We partner with that physician and help avoid re-admission to the hospital or the Emergency Department. His or her patient may be on a pathway to an amputation and we can help prevent that.  Our ability to reach out and message the value of using a dedicated team of specialists to improve wound healing makes all the difference.

Dedicating a person who regularly reaches out to the Physicians is still the key to a successful marketing program.  But, that person needs meaningful “leave behinds” to support them.  They need the backup of studies that demonstrate the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  They need pictures and graphs illustrating how fast a person healed under the center’s care.  They need a brochure describing the service and other materials to reinforce the need for action. Most importantly: they need a Marketing Action Plan!  Knowing in advance who to go to, where and when is half the battle.  Then knowing how to optimize all media options to stay in front of Physicians in a meaningful way is the other part of the equation.

Need help with your wound and hyperbaric center’s Marketing Action Plan? Give us a call.

Arnie Klaus