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WHAM! Wound Healing Awareness Month

June is Wound Healing Awareness Month, or WHAM!

The American Board of Wound Management reports there are 6.7 million people currently suffering from non-healing wounds. Most often, healing is complicated and slowed by underlying conditions such as diabetes, venous or arterial problems, unrelieved pressure, radiation tissue damage, and infection.

The good news is that the wound team at Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc. has the expertise to help heal those difficult wounds! Our team helps hospitals throughout the USA develop their own wound care service line. We train Physicians and Nurses in the most advanced techniques for comprehensive wound management to speed healing. Examples of some of the advanced treatments utilized in an outpatient setting are application of cellular and tissue-based products, total contact casts, compression wraps, negative pressure wound therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Nutrition, blood glucose management, and pressure relief shoes and inserts are also assessed and optimized. We believe in “doing right for the right patient at the right time;” it is the under pinning of our consulting services.

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Arnie Klaus