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Nutrition and Wound Care: a comprehensive approach

Many wound care patients are elderly, overweight or even obese. Besides having a skin ulcer caused by diabetes, venous stasis, arterial insufficiency or persistent pressure these patients often have unrecognized signs and symptoms of malnutrition. Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions Inc. teaches wound care providers how to spot, assess and treat this common cause for non-healing. During our wound care symposium we teach providers the importance of following nationally endorsed Clinical Practice Guidelines, completing a nutrition assessment, obtaining laboratory tests and counseling each wound care patient on the importance of balanced meals with more veggies and fruits and less processed foods from the middle of the grocery aisles. Adequate protein intake is vital to healing a complex wound as protein is an important factor in repairing the skin. When Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc. teaches providers and staff of outpatient wound clinics we provide them all the tools to be truly comprehensive in their approach. For more information about Comprehensive’s services please call Karin at 1-800-232-5070.

Arnie Klaus